Compost & Soil


Certified Organic Premium Compost

Scientifically blended mix or pine bark, hardwood saw dust, cow manure, organic seaweed extract and coir peat, all certified organic materials. The blend is composted for up to 12 weeks with constant monitoring of core temperatures and nutrient levels.


Screened Top Soil

Free flowing clean screened loam, suitable for lawns, garden beds and a number of other applications. Our team can help you set up your new garden by assisting you in choosing not only the correct soil, but also the compost, mulch or pine bark best suited to your needs.


Water Saver Mulch

80/20 mix of 20mm pine bark and fines. Approximately 20% fines containing pine bark and coco peat. Excellent for water retention and for the prevention of weed growth.


Mushroom Compost