Exeter Concrete provides concreting services throughout the Tamar Valley and surrounds.

With a range of finishes, colours and compositions available, you are able to choose the type of concrete best suited to your needs.

Our fleet of trucks and batching plant allow us to scale production according to the requirements of different jobs, so whether your job is on a commercial, residential or D.I.Y. scale Exeter Concrete has your concreting needs covered.

Doing it yourself?

We stock the materials you'll need for your D.I.Y. job at home, including 20kg bags of cement and a premixed, ready to use concrete aggregate mix.

Need excavation services too?

We also provide excavation services through our affiliated company, ACB Excavations, enabling us to undertake site preparation.



There are any number of different ways in which concrete can be used. Whether it be in the construction of a factory, a house, a retaining wall or just about anything in between, Exeter Concrete have the know-how to make it easy.

  • Driveways

  • Footings

  • Slabs

  • Blockfill

  • Topping Mixes

  • Kerb and Gutter

  • Retaining walls

  • Pre-fab

  • Many more!

We are able to complete many of these jobs from start to finish, and others we collaborate with third parties. Contact us to find out more.


Our concrete can be coloured to suit your application. The range includes the COLORBOND® colour palette, allowing you to mix and match finishes with fences, roofing or render for your desired look.

Exposed aggregate

By removing the top layer of surface mortar from the poured concrete we are able to create an exposed aggregate finish, wherein the stone aggregate protrudes slightly from the surface of the finished concrete to create a rough textured decorative look. Combined with colouring and some control over the type of aggregate used, the client has a significant level of control over the final look of the concrete.

Polishing and stenciling

Polishing the surface of the concrete creates a sleek, clean look ideal for a number of applications including floors and countertops. With the use of stencils it is possible to create intricate decorative patterns in the surface of the concrete. We provide concrete mixed especially for these finishes.



We stock a range of fibres  for use in our concretes. These can instill desirable qualities in the concrete, such as resistance to cracking.

  • Steel

  • Polypropelene

  • Helix 


  • 5 Maxi trucks

  • 1 Mini truck

  • Batching plant

  • Specialist tools for certain finishes

Material Safety 

We take OH&S seriously. If you have questions about the safety of our products please contact us.

Those working with cement and other concreting products should refer to Material Safety Data Sheets and take the relevant precautions to avoid injury.

Commercial Grade High Strength

Some commercial applications require a higher strength product. Exeter Concrete is able to provide a concrete mixture developed for these needs.

Field Testing

Exeter Concrete now undertakes field testing and sampling. We can test slump, plastercising mixes and compressive strength in circumstances where clients require particular properties in their concrete.


Accelerating admixtures can be used to speed up the setting time of concrete. This can be an important consideration in a number of different circumstances, such as when there is a risk of the concrete freezing. Our team can calculate the amount and type of accelerant required to set concrete at the necessary speed without unnecessarily risking shrinkage.